Stal Kingsley - Outrun By A Plastic Bag

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Slow Dance Records 2018

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Following the international success of Stal Kingsley’s previous two releases, his newfound fanatic audience were left demanding a full-length album so rabidly, it was easier just to record it, than applying for that many restraining orders.‘I Am Stal Kingsley And Stal Kingsley Is Me’ delivers. From the bitter heart of Peckham, the DIY auteur has assembled some of his finest work to date, performed with his signature arrogance and bravado, over crunchy, lo-fi instrumentals with a hallucinatory tinge.

Yet despite his unbridled confidence, his own lyrics betray him as a sad, anxious little man. Throughout the album, Kingsley replays his dark thoughts and the odd traumatic experience, with a playful indulgence. Love and loss (mostly loss) are encapsulated within as he casts a warm, twisted eye on what it is to be human - or even an animal.

With each expertly-crafted track, Stal guides us through his numerous, erratic mood swings. There’s the manic highs - from the cacophonic, downward spirals of “Dad On The Inside” and “Little Man Screaming”, to the sedated dancefloor anthem, “Look Mum, I’m On TV”. Whereas “I Thought I Did At The Time” and “Paragon And Animals” hit a low - so burdened with dreamy, bleak nostalgia, they’ll have you ploughing your car through a pack of cyclists, before totalling into a security banner, screaming through the vapours about how much you still miss your first love.

On the subject of his creative process, Kingsley isn’t quite sure himself. “I don’t know why I write what I write, or where it comes from. It’s like getting an unexplainable and uncontrollable erection when you’re simply taking a stroll through the park. All I know is that when that inspiration strikes, you’ve just got to duck behind the nearest hedge and take care of it.”

One thing is is for certain, Stal Kingsley is a musician revelling in his many past mistakes - and rest assured, there will be many more to come.


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