March 22, 2019

Studio 9492

Slow Dance x Muscut (Ukraine)


Slow Dance is flying Ukrainian Label Muscut over the shores for their first ever London showcase. Muscut has been championing the dubbed out Ukrainian left-field and avant-garde scene since 2012, their remarkable back catalog genre skips from dubby, krautrock style guitar music, tape loop soundscapes, twisted jazz compositions to minimalist cosmic-style electronica. Muscút (Ukr. Мускáт) — etymologically is a syllabic abbreviation of two words: Music and Cutting. The label founded by Dima Nikolaienko in 2012 and releases such artists as Pavel Milyakov, Andrew Pekler, Yuri Lugovskoy, Chillera, Papiro, Wrong Water, OL, Indirect, SAD. Record label focuses on pseudo and practical audio archaeology. By “pseudo” term label means hauntology and by “practical” — a sub-label Shukai (Ukr. Шукай, Eng. Hunt, Look for). Shukai is an archive record label focused on bringing back to life the lost tapes from 60–80s, Soviet music for films and television. We are talking over two rooms of the warehouse space Studio 9294 in Hackney with an evening of sounds from the fringes of London's avant-garde music scene. Each room is specifically curated in association with contemporary artists for an immersive and exploratory experience built around this theme of Hauntology.