Saint Jude

Saint Jude - Head Is Spinning

September 2019

Following up on the laid-back groove of “Deaf Ears, Blind Years”, here is the dancefloor-friendly “Head Is Spinning”, which also features Sunken‘s Poppy Billingham. Recalling producers such as Floating Points, The Blaze and Four Tet, the track experiments with dreamy and hazy textures. Melancholic and elusive, this is exactly what you'd like to hear in a club

Head Is Spinning’ is soaked in spaced out vocal samples and glistening with hi-hat hits that feel like all the sharp little inhales that were ever taken looking over the edge of a long drop. This track will give you the kind of gentle buzz that it’s impossible to hold onto. - Clunk Mag

Slow Dance LTD.
Top Floor, Hot House,
Fieldworks, 274 Richmond Rd,
E8 3QW


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