Glows - Easy

March 2020

South London experimental artist GLOWS returns with ‘Easy a perfect distillation of the “post-club, bedroom-pop” sound he has been honing since emerging on the scene with ‘PERLA’ back in 2018. This is the first of a series of releases that will be appearing throughout the first half of 2020 and sees him in more upbeat territory than before, the agitated drums and glitchy synths have shedded some of the starkness, but he keeps the vital stylistic darkness that makes his music so engrossing. GG Skips on the track: “Easy is about sobriety. The weight of the city. Slipping under the curb.Waking up and starting again. Written a while ago, it seems right that it is coming out now, theres a drive to the track. Like a night drive back from a night out, after the club, a regret and reassurance in the quiet moments after the music has died.”

The experimental flair of South London artist Glows is what makes tracks like his most recent effort, ‘Easy’, so appealing. Built around some glitchy synth sounds and bouncy percussion, the tune marries the trademark darkness of Glows’ previous work, with a slightly more upbeat, danceable vibe that may well inform a lot of his 2020 output - The MostRadicalist

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